our mission statement

To assist stroke survivors and their caregivers maintain and improve their overall quality of life, and good health, and help with their ongoing recovery and that they remain living independently.

Our Board of Directors

Carol sanderson






Barbara Naver

Vice President

barbara oliver


Our Purpose

To promote good health by:

  • providing stroke survivors and their caregivers with counselling, information, group support programs, education, social and recreational activities, and caregiver support;
  • assisting stroke survivors and their caregivers with resources, information and tools to improve quality of life and allow stroke survivors to live independently;
  • providing stroke survivors with speech and adaptive physical exercise therapy for continued rehabilitation after discharge from hospital, medical and therapy treatments;
  • increasing awareness in the general public of, the causes, symptoms, prevention and impact of strokes; and, providing the general public with brochures, booklets, guides, educational seminars and presentations about the causes, symptoms, prevention and impact of strokes.

Our Volunteers

VSRA volunteers help deliver all its programs and events throughout the year. The organization would not function without them. As a small token of our appreciation a volunteer is recognized each month and is presented with a certificate and a cake. Thanks to all our volunteers, we could not do it without all your help.

Help Support Us

In 2016 the Victoria Stroke Recovery Association (VSRA) was granted charitable status by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Now as an non-profit organization we can accept donations and give Tax Reciepts.

We’re a part of your local community